VLORË Port - View from sea


DIVA ILIRIA moored at the end of the North pier

Vlorë main port is the one used by the regular ferry and the cargo ship. It should not be mixed with the Petroleum Port and the Fishing Port (Treport, both are prohibited area for yachts) with lay to the North.

Vlorë main port is not a port in general description. It is only to jetties/piers extending to sea. The port is located in close vincinity of Down-town and is seat of local authorities.

You will get contact by radio/VHF on channel 16/12 and be directed to a pier. Usually you will be asked to moor on the head of the North pier, the left one viewed from sea. Great care should be observed as this is a RoRo pier with number of steel constructions waiting to damage your side. This pier is also used by the local ferry and tug/pilot boat. Watch out for their movement as some really awfull damage have been heard of!

If you stay in Vlore, please observe that the port doesn't offer electricity, shower or fresh water supply. Fuel can be found in one of the close-by petrol station.

 There is no 24/7 security on this port, so close down if you decided to go out.

 If you are coming from or leaving to abroad, you have to do your clearances in Vlorecontact Sail Albania!

More info & chart, find us: http://www.goodanchorage.com/anchorage/vlore-main-port


The left one viewed from sea - The ferry pier


Right from sea - Usualy used by cargo vessel


The ominous place for yacht clearing in/out


Vlore port

Used by boats for clearance & stay

Breaking Ness

Apr. 2, 2014

Orikum Marina closed for new entries

For transit yacht wishing to stay in Vlore, just the Main port can be used.