Apr. 14, 2015

Orikum Marina no port of entry

Boats coming from or sailing to foreign ports have to pass Vlore main port for clearance. Contact us for assistance.

Apr. 14, 2015

New depht in entrance channel

The entrence channel to the Marina got muddy over winter. Max advisable draft 2.3m.

Jun. 17, 2015

Dredging in progress...

Orikum Marina


The marina has been built by Italians and is managed by them.

It is a very safe place, and the FIRST AND ONLY ONE built for yacht in Albania.

Mooring are avaiables, see www.orikum.it

For other enquiries please take contact with us. We are official port agent and can clear you, even from or to abrod!

General infos:

Approaches: The Marina is located in the middle of the end part of the Bay of Vlorë. You can spot it from a distance thanks to the 2 red buildings. Waters are generally deep around the entrence. You have to pass between a low breakwater (with a green flashing light) and a big red buoy with light. In windy conditions, the sea may break a little and this is the tricky part. The channel is well marked with small red buoys (no lights) and the molo, you should keep right in the middle. After a few hundred meters, the channel makes a 90 degree turn and you will pass a narrow channel. Keep low speed as possible, the Marina regulation stipulates 2 knots! Once clear of the short canal, you will be in the Marina. Your will be assigned a berth by the local personal. Normally, you proceed stern to the pontoon and get a mooring. You may be asked to use the anchor.

Clearance: You can not  clear in & out of Albania in Orikum MarinaContact us to get the latest information and service!

Berth for transit: Yes - All berth with water & electicity. Shower & Wi-Fi included.

Draft: 2,30 m (advertised as 3,00 m but there are a few shallow spots in the channel)

Length: 20 m and more

Commnunication: VHF 15 or mobile - Contact Sail Albania

Facilities: Electricity, Showers (get the key at check-in), water, wi-fi and 24/7 security. Restaurants about 400m away. Orikum Village about 1 km away.

Caution: The Marina doesn't have own agent at the moment... want to go legal, contact us, CONTACT SAIL ALBANIA

More info, chart & position:  http://www.goodanchorage.com/anchorage/orikum-marina

Orikum Marina - The entrance from the sky

Orikum Marina - The pontoon