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Karaburun Beach pier


Shen Wasil or Karaburun Beach is situated in the Bay of Vlorë, on the middle of the Karaburun Promontory that closes the Bay to to the West. It is easily identified from the sea due to its high concrete pier on the south side (left end from the sea). It offers a nice beach and even a small restaurant or bar during the summer season. The place is well-known to locals for day-trips.


The water around is deep and reportidly clear. You can anchor off the Beach in about 10m of water with gravel bottom. Waters are calm here in most weather conditions but the bay offers limited shelter from the prominent NW wind.

The concrete pier is used by day-trip boats. It is very high (2m), poorly protected and exposed to the wash of passing boats. Worth a try in the calmest weather only!

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KARABURUN pier - Tricky berthing

SHEN WASIL can get busy - ready to raft up

SHEN WASIL - even the navy visit the port

SHEN WASIL -Turkis water on a nice day