The Bay of Porto Palermos, view at insailing toward south


Palermos Lighthous on the South Cape

This natural bay is the only safe place (all weather protection) on Albanian South Coast. It is about 25 nm north of Sarandë.

The place has a strong history and is still used as a military base. 

There is a high concrete pier just behind the small island/fort. It is used by local fishing boats but you can usually use it as well. Berthing is free of charge, but there is no facilities (no shower, shore power, etc). Freshwater can be brought by truck from Himarae and there is a small taverna on the main road.

Approaches: Palermos Lighthouse (see picture on the right) sits on the south cap, so leave it on Starboard when entering. Head for the north end of the small island and you will discover the pier. Waters are reported clear & deep in the Bay.

Attention: The south part of the bay has a lot of fish cultures. The northest corner is still an activ military base and is out of bound. Don't attempt to moor/anchor their! Entry is guarded!

At night, the Bay is theatre of very strong local wind, falling from the mountains. They can reach up to 30 knts. Mooring is best done before sunset.

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Jun. 1, 2015

Warning of pirate agent

Porto Palermos is a state owned and a free port. Beware of pirate agent acting illegally their.

Porto Palermo - The quay

A view from the main road, showing the jetty

Porto Palermos - Local fishing boat

Activ fishing boats are part of the picture here, you may have to move for them. But they offer fresh catch at a good price!

Porto Palermos - The old fort

Well worth the 100 lek entrence fee!

Porto Palermos - The south part of the bay

Watch out for fishing farms!