SARANDË Port - A view from the ferry terminal/bar


s/y DIVA ILIRIA at the old pier of Sarandë

Sarandë is the most cosmopolitan sea ressort along the Albanian Coast. It is just accross from Corfu and is usually the entry port from/to Greece.

The port is also an ideal starting point to explore the Roman Ruins at Butrint, which are believed to be the 2nd largest after Pompei. Butrint is about 30 km south of Sarandë and can be accessed by car, taxi or local bus. It is an UNESCO site and not to be missed!

Approaches: To carry out formality, you need to tie up in the main port, which is in the south of the bay. Mind the shoal while approaching (marked by a red buoy). The so called new port is the first quay (for yacht and cruise ships), the old port is the second, most inland quay. It is used by yachts and local ferries to Corfu. Berthing is allocated by the agent/harbour master and requieres a Mediterranean Moor with use of anchor. Both pier don't offer great shelter (swell and wash from other boats). The whole port is under security and you need to pass the police in the ferry terminal to enter/leave your boat!

Clearance: You will need to hire a local agent to clear police & custom.

Facilities: Electricity & water are avaiable. Showers can be found in the terminal.

Caution: The port can be short of mooring during the high-season. Speak early with your agent to secure a berth!

More info & chart:

Sarandë - Old pier

Sarandë - New pier with cruise ship PANORAMA

Sarandë - Harbour place

Sarandë - View from the sea

Sarandë can be very busy

Recommanded port agent

Capt. Agim Zholi

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