The corner of the quay and its close surroundings!

Himara is an ancient town on Albanian South Coast. The older part is built on the main road between Vlorë & Sarandë, high up in the mountains. It is dominated by the Orthodox church and an old castle. The bay under the old town has developped as a touristic ressort and offer a nice beach. For Albania, it is a very international place. 


The bay is reported deep and clear of hazard. The port/pier is located on the north part. Mind the old derelict piles by its inshore end (see picture below).


This is only a high concrete pier (2m) without fendering. Mooring possibilities are poor. The quay offers little protection from the swell or wind. In the high season, add the permanent wash of passing boats/jet-skis. Mind the activ local fishing fleet which use the whole pier from 3pm to 5am. Ask the Harbourmaster for any longer stay. You can obviously aslo stay at anchor in the bay, but it is pretty exposed. A better guess for a quiet night is Porto Palermos!

Facilities:  you will not find any services (no water, electricity or shower). Shopping and a petrol station can be easily be done by foot! 

Agent/Clearance: Himare is not an official port of entry. You need to clear in Sarande, Vlore, Dürres or Sjengjin.  The agent need as well to be engaged if you decide to make fast at the quay! Or contact us, we can assist as well. 

More info & chart, see: http://www.goodanchorage.com/anchorage/himarae


BAY OF HIMARË - Quay on the north/left corner

HIMARË QUAY - View from the beach with the piles

HIMARË QUAY - Creativ mooring, even with large boats!

Sharing berth with local fishing vessels