Dürres is the second largest city of Albania and the port of Tiranaë, the capital. You can get there easily by bus (45'/about 2€). Dürres on its own is worth a visit and offer all amenities. The best part of the town is located north of the port and offer nice beaches as well.

Type of port:   Commercial

Port of entry/clearance:  Yes

Electricity/Water: No

Internet: No but many internet cafe in walking distance

Mooring for boats: Take contact with your agent or with the Port authorities prior entering the port


  • You will need a local agent
  • Be carefull when mooring because the port was built for much larger vessels. Use plenty of fenders and insist to your agent for other berth if you deam it unsafe!
  • Even if you feel as police is everywhere, there is no security system. Roms have been reported inside the port...
  • The port can be loud & dirty at time as it is a working commercial port.


The port is reached by a well marked buoyed channel. Follow the channel as the surroundings are full of wrecks and other nasty things. Report to the port authorities or you agent before/upon entry. Watch out for traffic...