RAGUSA Beach - View from sea or anchoring position

PUNTA RAGUSA Beach - Anchorage

Where it is: On Karaburun, just north of the old light lighthouse/tower on the small cape of Ragusa. You will spot it easily thanks to the orange colored umbrellas lining the beach.

What it offers: This is a nice (gravel) beach with a restaurant and bar. It offers umbrellas & sun loungers for clients. There is even a very small pontoon on the North end but this is for the smallest boats.

Approaches: The area is reported clear and access is straight forward. Beware of the bays south of the lighthouse/towers, some of them looks attractiv on the chart but they are all occupated by firsh farms with construction/buoys/lines stretching far out. This area is best avoided at night as most is poorly lit!

Anchorage: Be prepaired to anchor off the beach in abt 15-25 meter of water. You will have to go very close to the beach for less depht. The ground is gravel & herb and offer acceptable holding force.

Protection: ragusa beach is direct part of Karaburun coast and doesn't offer any shelter of wind or swell. This is a typical anchorage for a lunch break on a nice day!

Ragusa Beach - View from anchorage

Ragusa Beach North end - Pier for small boats

Ragusa Beach