Bay of Gramma - view from sea

Bay of Gramma

Location: Located 10 nm NW of Dhermie, the Gramma bay (next to the Cape & lighthouse bearing the same name), is one of the few bay on Karaburun outer side to offer shelter and large enough to take a yacht at anchor. This is a complete desert place with no land access...

Entrence: The coast around Gramma is very deep and mostly clear of rock. The entrence to Gramma Bay itself is a little fjord and have some shallow on each side. Proceed carefully, best in day light adn keep the middle.

Anchorage: You can anchor safely off the beach. It may be an advantage to bring some ropes ashore. The ground is sand and gravels.

Attention: At night, the place can get some quiet violent wind casts coming down from the mountain. Be aware of it when choosing your anchor spot.