Anchoring inside the archipelago off Ksamil


Ksamil is for Albanian standard a very high coted beach holiday place.

It is about 6 nm south of Sarande, toward the Greek boarder and only a few kilometer from the UNESCO site of Butrint.

Ksamil is a small town with many hotels and beaches. It lays in a bay and is partly sheltered by small islands, most of them housing again beaches and some bars during the high season.

Facilities: Anchorage only, many beaches, hotels & restaurants & bars, jet-ski and boat rental, etc You may make a deal with the local water taxi to bring you ashore or on board.

Approaches: You will need a chart to navigate this area as they are many shallow spots. The water color may help but don't rely

Anchor ground: Sand & gravel, usually reported as good holding ground

Shelter: Limited, in the summer NW prevaillant wind, it is difficult to shelter completely. The wind is turning & funneling around the islands...

Caution: The area is very crowdedduring the summer  and requiere a good look-out and some nerves to navigate. Swimmers, jet-skis, kajaks and all kind of poorly manned/skilled boats are navigating the area. Each small beach is guarded by a rope linked by small buoys, the whole beeing unlit at night.

More info, chart & infof:

Ksamil, a view from the sea (N of it)

Not easy to pick ut all islands & rocks!

Anchoring inside the bay

Don't expect too much shelter in NW winds

Hotel in Ksmamil

A good orientation point

Ksamil beach - Watch out fro traffic

Archipelago off Ksamil