NIKKI BEACH - One of the most hipp beach club on the Albanian Coast


Location: Nikki Beach is located 0.5 nm North of the main Dhermi Beach.

What it is: Nikki Beach is one of the most fashionable Beach club in Albania. This is the place where rich Albanian like to show around. It offer bars, restaurant and disco/club.

Approaches: Sailing North (from Dhermi main beach), keep clear of the rocky area until you see the club houses (easily located by the big transparant hanging in background). Otherwise, waters are reported clear of obstructions.

Anchorage: This spot is anchorage only and doesn't offer any shelter from wind or swell. It can get pretty rocky. Expect to drop your anchor in 10m of crytsal clear water, ground is mostly sand and grave, partly covered by sea grass. Holding is generally fair to good.

But: The Beach Club is rather expensive. Expect loud music and a lot of action in the water (jet skis, ribs, etc)

Nikki Beach Club

Nikki Beach - View toward North

Nikki Beach Club - Beach bar

View south (toward Dhermi)

At anchor at sunset